Metal Surfaces Look Like New

Pool fencing, Vehicle gates, and Lightpoles Improved by New Technology
Electrostatic painting is a quick, neat, and cost-effective way to rejuvenate almost any metal surface that looks worn, faded, or color dated.CLC Enterprises made the process portable for applications such as view fencing, vehicle gates, handrails and stairways, lightpoles, furniture, and just about any other metal surface.h_electrostatic23-170x100




How Does it Work? Electrostatic works like a magnetic effect; the item receiving the coating receives a minor negative ground charge. A special electrostatic spray gun charges the special paint with a minor positive electrical charge.

The paint is attracted like a magnet to the metal surface, providing a uniform paint application with little, if any over-spray.


Cleanliness is maintained at all times and all materials are non- toxic and UL and FM approved. Factory-Like Finish A factory-like finish is achieved with electrostatic painting. Unlike painting with a brush or roller, this method guarantees no brush marks or uneven coating application. A superior, premium grade paint enamel is used that is specifically formulated for electrostatic application. This results in a long-lasting finish that looks great for many years. Some of the electrostatic projects completed by CLC include painting fencing, guardrails, and/or gates for: Venetian I & II Condominiums, Scottsdale
La Jolla Blanca, Scottsdale
Springfield Community Association, Chandler
Desert Ridge Master Association, Phoenix
Las Colinas HOA, Phoenix
Glen Eagle at Desert Ridge, Phoenix
Foothills Club West HOA, Phoenix
Lindsey Square HOA, Mesa
Mount Central Place, Phoenixelectrostatic-150x100

Did You Know?

    • Paint made its first appearances about 30,000 years ago when cave dwellers used crude paints to decorate the walls of their ancient cave dwellings.
    • Color in painting dates back 20,000 years with the ancient Egyptians. By 1500 BC, paint making was widely established in Greece.   Between 600 BC – 400 AD, the Greeks and Romans introduced varnishes..
    • Plato made one of the earliest recorded discoveries about color.   He discovered that a third color is produced with the mixing of two colors..
    • In 1700, the first recorded American paint factory was established in Boston by Thomas Child..
    • The Sherwin-Williams company spent years perfecting a new paint formula. In 1880, they introduced a paint formula that far surpassed the quality of all other paints at that time.

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