How to Choose a Painting Contractor

How do you know when you’ve hired the best painting contractor in your area?

Use this checklist when hiring your next painting contractor:

1) Does the contractor satisfy the basics – license, liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

CLC Enterprises is licensed as both a commercial and residential painting contractor. Our insurance coverage is well above the minimum requirements.

2) Is the proposal professionally prepared? The proposal speaks volumes about the professionalism of the contractor.

CLC provides a detailed, comprehensive proposal covering the scope of work, preparation and application methods, materials to be used, warranty, and quality assurance .

3) Is the scope of work clearly defined? If not, you may have problems since what is expected is often not delivered.

CLC Enterprises provides a detailed scope of work that makes your job easier.

4) When reviewing proposals, are you comparing “apples to oranges?” Without specific direction, painting contractors often define their own scope of work according to their needs, not yours. This can make comparing bids difficult.

CLC will assist managers in defining a general scope of work or arrange for one to be created by a paint manufacturer on the manager’s behalf.

5) Stucco surfaces, especially the Spanish-lace style, contain numerous nooks and crannies that are easily missed by paint applicators using a sprayer. The result can be a splotchy appearance. Backrolling is a painting technique that ensures these nooks and crannies are reached by “pushing” the paint into these tough to reach areas. Basically, a worker with a paint roller follows the spray applicator and “rolls” the paint into wall. The process is more labor intensive and more paint is applied to the wall. The results are superior.

CLC doesn’t recommend backrolling every stucco surface, but it will be defined in our scope of work.

6) Can the contractor deliver professional results?

Since 1982, CLC Enterprises has enjoyed a reputation as the applicator of choice for quality-conscious professionals and homeowners. We know you’ll be pleased with our company.

7) Is a separate written warranty provided and is anExtended Warranty available? Be wary of warranties from companies with no substantial track record. We constantly hear about communities who received warranties only to find out the contractor is no longer in business, making the warranty worthless.

CLC Enterprises provides written warranties on all our work. Typical warranties range from three to seven years, depending on the products used and the characteristics of the substrate. CLC Enterprises will perform all warranty work at no additional cost to the owner.